Blue Rock Sportsmans Club INC.

Club Rules

Blue Rock Gun Club Safety Rules The following safety rules are applicable to all members and guests of members: Persons who have consumed any alcoholic beverages shall not be permitted on the shooting fields. No gun will be loaded until the shooter is on the shooting station. Actions of guns will be kept open when not on a shooting station, open or out. Any loaded gun will be kept pointed in a direction that will not endanger the lives of other shooters, field personnel or spectators. If an individual on a shooting station encounters a delay he/she must open and extract all shells until that time the delay has ended. The loading of more than two (2) shells in a gun will not be allowed at any time. Extreme care must be exercised when picking up empty shells. It is the sole responsibility of the shooter to pick up his/her hulls after each shooting session and adjacent fields must be checked for safe clearance. All new shooters must shoot with a member of the club. All members and guests must sign in before shooting. Non-member guests must buy a day membership for $1.00 before shooting. A non-member guest shooting without a member will be told to leave the premises. Day memberships will be limited to five (5) times a year per individual. Both eye and ear protection must be worn at all times when on or near shooting fields. Shot larger than #7.5 will not be allowed. Rifles or pistols are not allowed upon club property. Hunting is not allowed on club property.